Futurewave is an innovation project that was borne out of a collaborative summit hosted by the Energy Innovation Centre back in July 2014. At that event, leaders from four of the UK’s gas distribution networks opened up a conversation about the future of the gas industry with experts from the industry, government and academia.

What started out as a conversation about how the gas industry might future proof itself, quickly evolved into a dialogue about how energy networks could place consumers’ interests at the heart of what they do.

Inspired by the example of customer-centric businesses including eBay, Amazon and AirBnb, which have developed collaborative platforms that have the ability to service different customers based on their individual needs, wants and behaviours, Futurewave is a digital platform that has the potential to impact energy consumers, the supply chain and investors.


The Futurewave digital platform will transform the energy landscape, connecting the dots between consumers who want energy projects, suppliers who want to deliver them and funders who can support them.

It will do this through three services:

  • Source It

    Source It will provide energy consumers with clear information on their energy options and connect them with trusted developers and funding sources to help them realise their chosen route(s).

  • Build It

    Build It will connect energy developers and the industry with each other and relevant projects that have been triggered by consumers. It will also enable them to identify areas of demand and to ‘seed’ projects where appropriate.

  • Fund It

    Fund It will connect individuals and communities with sources of investment that can fund their energy projects.


A core team comprising the Energy Innovation Centre, Northern Gas Networks, Wales & West Utilities, SGN and National Grid, facilitated by innovation consultancy, Fahrenheit 212, and digital disruption agency, Radical, are currently driving forward phase two of the project – building the prototype platform and the business model. SSE Power Distribution and SP Energy Networks have also joined the project during phase two.

This second stage will focus on building momentum and developing a prototype which will test:

  • Consumers’ desire to use the platform
  • The functionality of the platform
  • That the platform reduces the barrier to consumers activating their energy options.

It will also deliver a business model and a launch plan, should the project move forward to phase 3.

To find out more about Futurewave, watch the video above or contact Futurewave Project Lead, Freddie Tilbrook.

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