Bringing a prototype to life


16 Jul Bringing a prototype to life

Week-long sprints and live demos are integral to the approach we’re taking to the development of the Futurewave prototype over the next few months.

Every Friday, myself and the project teams at Radical and Fahrenheit 212 work out which area of the prototype will be the development focus for that particular week. We agree what will be delivered in time for the weekly live demo session which is the first opportunity the core team of energy network partners have to see how the prototype is shaping up.

Working towards shorter sprints gives all the project team visibility of where things are up to as well as the opportunity to feedback, and enough flexbility to adapt plans if necessary.

I’d like to extend a huge thank you to our development team at Radical for putting in so much energy to our first two week sprint.

Earlier today we hit the first of many project milestones when we held our first prototype demo live from Radical’s London office. Delivery Lead, Tom Holden, walked us through the user journey for the Source It area of the platform.

Source It will provide homeowners with clear energy options and information, and enable them to activate the connections necessary for them to realise initiatives with partners they can trust.

Seeing the prototype brought to life for the first time through the live demo felt like a pivotal point in the project. The positive feedback received from the core team has given the development team a real buzz of excitement which we’re planning to build on as we turn our attention to the next sprint – just watch this space.

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