Bringing you into the loop


27 Apr Bringing you into the loop

Bringing you into the loop

Great businesses create great brands. This is the attitude that was front of mind earlier this year when the project team kicked off the process of designing and developing a compelling brand identity for what has, up until this point, been known as Project Futurewave.

Drivers for the new brand

The vision for Futurewave is to create the UK’s first online hub for home energy solutions. It will radically transform how homeowners and communities discover and implement the best energy options for their homes.

The platform’s success will rely on its ability to break down the key barriers to action in place today. It will simplify existing processes and give our stakeholders the tools to navigate the end-to-end discovery, selection, management and delivery process of energy projects with new confidence.

This ambition is fundamentally new and bold in the market. It follows then that a great brand is an essential asset to deliver a strong and differentiated message that communicates the platform’s unique mission, while setting us apart in the crowded, complex and fragmented UK energy marketplace.

Agile process

As with the prototype build, we took an agile approach to the development of the new brand identity. Guided by an experienced brand specialist, we explored a wide-range of ideas and concepts, and focused in on the essence of what we believe Futurewave will deliver for energy customers.

After a period of 8 weeks, all those great ideas and a nascent business have evolved into a strong brand identity that will help to define and communicate our business aspirations and the reasons to believe in this journey.

And so it is with great pleasure that we announce that – from this point forwards – Project Futurewave will become … The Energy Loop.

What is The Energy Loop?

The essence that lies at the heart of The Energy Loop brand is collective power. By connecting homeowners and communities with trusted installers through The Energy Loop platform, they will have – for the first time – collective power over their energy options.

This essence will be the driving idea behind everything we say and do. It defines our brand values and personality and reflects how we will engage with our customers.

For the individual, My Energy Loop is my world. It keeps my lights on and my home warm. It provides the best solution for me. It unravels the complexities I’m facing and is all about making my life easier.

For us and our community, Our Energy Loop is our relationships. It brings the right people together. It closes in on challenges and opens benefits. It creates synergies we never knew existed and perhaps most significantly, it’s our collective power.

We hope you’ll stay in the loop with us as our transition to The Energy Loop gets underway.


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