Crossing the finishing line for the prototype


20 Aug Crossing the finishing line for the prototype

Today was a big day for the team as we ran the final live prototype demo of this phase of the project.

Tom at Radical took us back through the Source It, Build It and Fund It areas of the site to highlight where gaps have been filled and functionality has been refined since these sections were first demoed a few weeks ago. We’re now confident that the user journey for each of these groups is both compelling and engaging, and will stand up well to user testing.

The demo included a ‘surprise of the week’ which was a preview of an admin dashboard for the site that the Radical team had somehow managed to squeeze into their busy push for the finishing line.

To use Tom’s words, the dashboard ‘gives us somewhere to think from’. Over the long term, it will capture data that will give us a clear view of how users are engaging with the platform, what value the platform is delivering to these users as well as insights into how the energy sector is developing.

This area will also provide a mechanism to monitor the performance of the Build It suppliers who are active on the platform, helping to identify any barriers to engagement that may exist so that we are in a position to address these proactively.

If we move forward with building the actual platform, the possibilities of what might be achieved using data generated through the platform is hugely exciting and has the potential to be truly game-changing for the industry.

Once again, I have to extend a huge thanks to the team at Radical for all their hard work at leading us through the prototype sprints. Thanks must also go to the core team for all their input along the way. I look forward to catching up at our big meet up next month where we will be re-capping on the progress made in this phase of the project and discussing where we go next.

  • Tom Holden
    Posted at 15:01h, 28 August

    It’s been a real pleasure to work on this exciting new product. We couldn’t be more delighted with where things ended up at the end of the intensive 8 weeks of work. Looking forward to seeing more folks getting their hands on the prototype and having a play.

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